Information Technology

Information Technology is driving our lives like never before. With IT improving system efficiencies, the demand for quality computer engineers continues to soar. Major IT corporations are forever on the look out for qualitative talent. A talent that continues to imbibe new technologies and still develop newer ones. A talent that is comfortable with the latest hardware and software. Finally, a talent that has the creative ability to invent and innovate.

Access to Computing

Our students have access to some of the best learning tools that include 24x7 access to computing, digital library, internet resources and information services. Our students are programmed to be in sync with the evolving needs of the industry. They regularly visit leading IT Organisations in India and keep themselves updated with latest in the field.


Head of the Department (Incharge), Dept Of IT, IRTT.

Qualification: M.E,Ph.D

Experience : 30 Years

Conference : 8

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